Poet Muse: Candy Royalle (poet, activist, storyteller, educator, 1981-2018)

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(poet, activist, storyteller, educator, 1981-2018)

“I’ve always existed somewhere in-between. Between cultures and colours, genders and sexuality. Between spiritual and atheist, creator and imitator. Belonging has always been a theoretical idea for me, not a sensation rooted firmly in any place or person, any community or group.”[1]https://overland.org.au/2016/05/here-queer-and-arabic-on-the-road-to-belonging/

– Candy Royalle from ‘Here, Queer and Arabic: On the road to belonging

Born Cindy Malouf, Candy Royalle was a multi-award-winning Australian poet, performer and activist. She passed away on the 23rd of June 2018 at the age of 37. A prominent face and contributor to the Sydney poetry scene for the last decade, Candy will be remembered for her fierce and unapologetic poetry and her staunch advocacy for the visibility of queer people of colour in the Australian arts landscape.

image by Nicola Bailey

“Candy Royalle is all at once fragile, powerful, raw, sensitive, beautiful, unflinching and honest. She, her spirit and her work, will change you.”-Ursula Rucker[2]http://candyroyalle.com/bio/

She published two collections of poetry ‘Love Spectacular’ and ‘Heartbeats’[3]https://redroomcompany.org/poet/candy-royalle/ and often showcased her versatility by collaborating with filmmakers, musicians, photographers and visual artists on various projects. Candy released three albums ‘Frida Children’, ‘Birthing the sky’ and ‘Birthing the sea’.

Candy Royalle was a queer Arabic woman of colour who utilized poetry to speak back to the status quo. She was a dynamic powerhouse, immensely talented and a backbone to the Sydney and global poetry community.


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