POET PROFILE: Bokang Maragelo

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Bokang Maragelo is a 30-year-old poet/writer and I.T professional who hails from North West, currently based in Johannesburg. He started his journey with poetry in high school but only later in his 20s did Bokang find purpose in his writing. His style is often deep, sad, confrontational and emotionally charged but necessary because it enables the reader to reflect and start conversations around issues and traumas we often bury making it difficult for us to function as young adults. The most amazing thing that has also happened is seeing the older generation relate deeply to Bokang’s work.

Bokang has recently been invited to be a poetry slam judge for Word N Sound, the biggest poetry league in Africa. He is on a journey to become a monthly resident poet for Gratitude Restaurant, a beautiful black-owned restaurant in Johannesburg. On Sundays, Bokang hosts Sunday poetry sessions on Twitter where he shares his unpublished work and gets to interact with his readers. 

Bokang is an independent writer and has to date, published three books: Things the Fire Left Behind (ebook & revised print version), A Beautiful Sunday (ebook & Print) and Hey, (ebook)

Social Media

Twitter: BokangWrote

Instagram: BokangWrote

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