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seeing the poetic landscape, through vangi-tinted glasses

Vangile Gantsho has been steadily making her way into the poetry scene since the mid 2000s. Starting out in poetry circles at varsity, she has worked her way in quietly and steadily. As a performer, her style is at ease yet it penetrates the heart. She does this all without any pomp and performance. I think this is why people have come to love her. zamantungwa had the chance to chat with her online about her journey in poetry.


Zamantungwa:  I find that many writers start to tell stories quite early on in their lives, either by making up stories for their friends, or just always scribbling something down on paper. When did you start to toy with words and what do you think inspired that?

Vangile Gantsho:  When I was a little girl.  We moved around a lot so books, kind of, became my only constant friends.  I didn’t have to say goodbye and I could take them with.

From there on, I started to make up my own stories.  Then my dad suggested I write them down  And I did.

(continues in the print edition – Poetry Potion 2013.01)

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