Poet Profile: Zandile Carol

Zandile Carol | July 14th, 2022 | poet profile | No Comments

Zandile Caroline Sibanda (also known as Zandile Carol) is a Soweto-based spoken word artist of Zimbabwean and Zambian origin.

Her inspiration is taken from the likes of William Blake, Emily Brontë, and Sophocles. She considers most of her work as response poems. Zandile’s poetry describes reality and explores the tools at our disposal. Her poetry interrogates nature, as the source of everything- and responds to the pain, happiness and endless experiences of being alive.

Her poetic journey began in 2019 when she joined the Wits Poets Corner where she gained some skills in writing and shared her work at Mental illness events that were hosted at Wits University.

In 2020 she was one of a select few poets admitted to the Current State Of Poetry programme. Here she has gained expert knowledge in writing, performance, audience development, streetscape and exploring the art industry and theatre spaces. She is still an active participant in the programme. Zandile is also a member of the Pick Me Up Poetry team.  

These platforms have helped in guiding her transition into different artistic spaces.

Image by Pick Me Up Poetry

Zandile has shared her work on these stages:

●Current State Of Poetry slam 2021

●DiscovrTv 2021

●Current State Of Poetry class of 20/21 Showcase

●African Women’s Writing Symposium 2021 @Soweto theatre

●Jozi Music & Food Saturday @Joburg Theatre 2021

●Bond Society Poetry Jam


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