Poetry Seen: Bedlam In Bedlam by Wazi M Kunene -12 May 2018

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Bedlam In Bedlam written and performed by Wazi M Kunene is set to showcase on Saturday 12 May 2018 at the J&B Hive in Braamfontein Johannesburg. The poetry and music showcase features a four-piece band (Bass, Drums, Keys, and Lead Guitar).

“Bedlam in Bedlam is an elucidation of the complex experience of purgatory, about
becoming your maker’s clone, mental disorders, loss and blackness. I aim to
showcase the unhealthy ways of purging the things that confine us, though boomerang
on us and conspire with the dark to keep us in the shadows”

Bedlam In Bedlam follows the release of Kunene’s photographic poetry anthology Deluge In Swarga. The show aspires to unravel the enigmatic motifs from the anthology and the pandemonium we unearth in our attempts to escape our own chaos. Wazi M Kunene is a Johannesburg based performing artist and author born 1992 in Pietermaritzburg, KZN. Kunene has performed in numerous noteworthy stages across the country and abroad; her writing and performing journey began in 2004 and
professionally in 2012 after obtaining her BA degree from Rhodes University. She self-published a photographic poetry anthology titled Deluge In Swarga in 2017, and authors Zulu children’s books for Oxford University Press, which are widely used in schools around the country. Kunene is the Executive Administrator of Current State of Poetry, one of the biggest poetry houses in Africa.

Tickets are available at R100 each.

To RSVP email [email protected]

For more information:  [email protected]

Twitter:  @WaziMKunene

Instagram @WaziMKunene


Media Enquiries:
Vus’umuzi Phakathi
081 380 8919
[email protected]

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