Poetry Seen: Harmonious Dichotomous by Nomashenge

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Harmonious Dichotomous written and performed by Nomashenge, and directed by Sqwayi Khumalo is set to showcase on Sunday 8 April 2018 at African Flavour Books, Braamfontein, Johannesburg. The performance poetry meets music showcase features a three-piece band (Guitar, Double-Bass, and Percussion), and two other performers for the performance arts exploration.

“The poetry spawns from a ruthlessly naked experience of loss, where guilt, fear, and worthlessness breed a familiar psychological negativity that makes living an unending, numbing limbo.” Nomashenge states about the work in the show. She continues to say, “It then builds from the self-reliance life teaches you when you hit rock-bottom, your own ability to drag yourself to breathing ground again, to have the courage to carry on despite the unavoidable fall.”

Revolving around the themes of mental health, blackness, religious/spiritual uncertainty vs self-awareness, death and the monster of insecurity and self-neglect, the work takes a relatable journey that will give the audience freedom to bring their own “boogieman” to light, dismantle their fear of darkness and maybe let it’s purpose be more profound than to just instil panic and self-doubt.

Nomashenge is a Ladysmith born, Durban bred, and Johannesburg based poet-vocalist. She began her poetry journey in 2005 as a writer and 2007 as a performer. Having shared her work across the country including the Arts Alive, Essence, and Open Book International Festivals, Nomashenge believes poetry to be an Alchemy that continually transforms the world. Nomashenge’s blend of music and poetry brings forth a hybrid of
performance-poetry that speaks to the heart and soul of the zeitgeist.

Tickets are available at R100 each.

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