Poetry Seen: Impepho Press Book launch (Gallery)

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I think it is safe to say that the launch of Vangile Gantsho’s ‘Red Cotton’ and Danai Mupotsa’s  Feeling and Ugly was a resounding success. Poets, writers, readers, media folk and that one guy that stumbled into African Flavour bookstore and blurted out to everyone and no one in particular, “I saw all you cool people and decided to come in here. My friends can wait”, all came in droves to witness the first book launch by the newly formed Impepho Press.


The authors read from their collections and lead the willing listeners through burnt patches of life, invited us into their nightmares, unravelled dreams, exposed our sins and infidelity, and paraded the many skins they wear.

Both collections are an important and necessary addition to any reader’s library. And the turnout for this launch event is proof enough that if we write our stories, our people will give us an ear (and money for our books).


Feeling and Ugly is Danai Mupotsa’s debut collection of poetry. Through this collection she navigates the many shades of motherhood, being a daughter herself, academia and the inevitable complexities of a growing parent-child relationship.



Red cotton is Vangile’s 2nd collection, written in part as her MA thesis from The University Currently Known as Rhodes. Vangile delves into what it means to be a Queer Black Healer in present-day South Africa, while deconstructing the boxes that are supposed to conveniently contain us.  The poems and the truths that hold them together are fragile and ugly, inviting and jarring.

Sarah Godsell Co-Founder of Impepho press had this to say about the event;  “Oh my God I’m overjoyed. I’m so happy that it was so packed. I’m so happy with the gentleness and bravery that people asked questions with. I’m happy that the work is reaching who it is supposed to reach. And I’m happy for the life the books are gonna have in so many different homes and communities and hearts.”

See the Gallery below for more images from the launch.

Impepho press is a Pan Africanist publishing house, founded by Vangile Gantsho, Tanya Pretorius and Sarah Godsell. Congratulations to them. This is a great start to their journey.

Copies of Red cotton and Feeling and ugly can be ordered from Impepho Press or can be purchased from African Flavour Bookstore.


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