Poetry Seen: Meera Me II: A Work In Progress by Modise Sekgothe

Quaz | November 5th, 2018 | poetry seen | No Comments

Meera Me II: A Work In Progress

To be imagined more as a preview than a debut. Open to a limited audience, as it is indeed still a work in progress and perhaps still an experiment. It takes from Meera Me I and furthers the narrative, post the dynamics of its inspiration…perhaps now the story of one, in relation to its entanglement and eventual extrication from other.

The main focus of this particular show will be the poetry, what with the audio-visual aspects of it still in the burner and the collaborative dynamics still complicated. These shows are to see exactly what this is and where it can go, if it has any feet at all.

Tickets must be pre-booked.

DATES: 9-10 November 2018

VENUE: Emakhaya Theatre, Wits University Corner, 19th Floor (Next to WITS Arts Museum)

BOOKINGS: [email protected] (R100)

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