Poetry Seen: My Bum is Genetic, Deal With It

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Creative powerhouse, Napo Masheane is not one to sit around when it comes to re-inventing her creative works. After the success of her self published poetry anthologies, Caves Speak in Metaphors (2007) and Fat Songs For My Girl Friends (2011), she brings back her original one-woman stage production “My Bum Is Genetic Deal With It”. With a new face, Nkoto Malebye, and a fresh staging directed by Napo Masheane, the play, which enjoyed great national support and internationally toured: London, Amsterdam, Botswana and Zimbabwe will be showing in February.

Napo Masheane, the first winner of “2012 Mbokodo Awards in Theatre Category”, is a poet and performer, but it is her talents as a playwright and director in recent years that have come to the foreground of her works. She has generously contributed in the industry, as a founding member of spoken word collective “Feela Sistah!”. Her earliest theatre works include, among others, her provocative and humorous plays “The Fat Black Women Sing” (2009), “Mollo – The Woman In Me” (2010), “Hair & Comb” (2011) and, for the University Of Pretoria (Drama Department), “Street Lights With Lips” (2012).

The constant need and demand for “My Bum Is Genetic deal With It ” has pushed her to bring it back and align it to the new market. This time the play, does not only reveal fantastic theatre creation, but its theme makes it appropriate for teaching young people about beauty, self-acceptance, self-love, healing, understanding and appreciation. And this time, young audiences will be allowed to engage with her and the actress through a question and answer session at the end of each performance.

Napo Masheane reflects on her new work, “I took a leap of faith in writing this play, my own personal story and those of other women inspired me to write a play that is a true reflection of every
woman/girl in my family, community and life. Everyday, silently or loudly, these women address questions I as a woman writer continue to have about beauty, image, sexuality, food, sisterhood and the female struggle to fit into a box of beauty, which is not self defined. This theatre play pays homage to the development and fortification of “Spoken Word Art” and unequivocally weds “poetic monologues, prose, dance, movement and music into a complete humorous piece”

This play dismantles boundaries and tells it like it is whether you are young or old… school girl or church priestess… whether you are a mother or a sister, a brother or a father who is raising daughters.

My Bum Is Genetic Deal With It” is on at POPArt: www.popartcentre.co.za

14/15/16 February 2013 @ 20H00
17 February 2013 @ 15H00 (matinee)

Tickets: are R80 (Cash at the door)

NB: Napo Masheane’s Poetry Books book will be sold on the site.
For more information contact: Napo Masheane 082 215 8222 [email protected]


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