poetry seen: No One Wants A Black Woman With A Mouth by Black Girl Plotting

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NO ONE WANTS A BLACK WOMAN WITH A MOUTH is directed by Zethu Dlomo and choreographed in collaboration with Lerato Matolodi. It is a one day only performaAndisiwe Image BGP posternce of two shows.


Date: Friday 30th July

Time: 3pm AND 7pm

Venue: Market Theater Laboratory

 The title is both a statement and a fact, is resistance and acknowledgement that the world seem to think Black woman look more beautiful screaming. 

This multi-disciplinary performance piece by BLACKGIRLPLOTTING places the black woman’s body and voice as both subject and author of her own stories. Performed by Vuyelwa Maluleke and Andiswa Mpinda, who make up the collective BLACKGIRLPLOTTING, this retelling uses physical theatre, spoken word, monologues, multimedia, and music (created only by black women) to curate the moments lived by the black girl and woman for the audience.

For 45 minutes they do not allow you to forget that they have many languages for the pain and joy of being alive and woman and Black. And because you cannot take your eyes away or your ears off, you are witness and participant, you are the violence and the violated.

The performers have written this piece ‘ To mouths whose words are too tired’, from the woman who is ‘opening her mouth’ because ‘she wants to tell me something’.  The women in this piece speak through the cracks in silence, they return as children, as their grandmothers, as observer and participants to retell the violence in silencing, to speak to their fathers and mothers, to retell the quiet and plenty deaths experienced, about this they say:

‘There is a dead girl

who does not know that she is dead

She cannot kick herself out her grave

She cannot love from inside her grave

Her skin is the grave

The grave is the

size of her mothers mouth

Is the size of silence’



For more information please go to:

Facebook: Blackgirlplotting


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1 thought on “poetry seen: No One Wants A Black Woman With A Mouth by Black Girl Plotting”

  1. Well… As much as we think that no wants a woman with a mouth… Women will always make a way to speak.

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