Poetry Seen: Page to the Podium with Siphokazi Jonas

Siphokazi Jonas | February 26th, 2018 | poetry seen | No Comments

When we speak of writing and poetry we often wish to find our VOICE. Through the Page to Podium workshop series you will be reminded that to speak, you dare not neglect the lips, the teeth, the tongue, the vocal chords which vibrate, the lungs, the body, and the very air! These are all things without which the voice cannot exist! We should ask ourselves, therefore, why and how our voices matter.

Further, when we think of performance our attention swoops in on the imagined and imaginary AUDIENCE. Who are they? Who have they been? Who do they wish to be? What has brought them here to hear what we have to say? When are we as writers and performers an audience? And finally, HOW DO WE REACH THE MOMENTS WHERE VOICE AND AUDIENCE MEET IN HONESTY AND COLLABORATION?

Welcome to the home of PROCESS, NOT PRODUCT: Page to Podium with Siphokazi Jonas!


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