Poetry Seen: WHEN TOYS WERE US Exhibition 15 July 2017

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The Floveyou Flo View exhibition series is a visual presentation of a body of work compiled by Flo Mokale over a period of 10 years. After sharpening the focus in his eyes and provided with the right lighting for motivation from the Market Photo Workshop incubator programme, he has found the bravery to let the world in into his point of view.

 His photographic exhibition series is a look into kasie life and lifestyles, to a certain extent both a celebration and acknowledgement of the pain. The flagship exhibition was A BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE now followed by WHEN TOYS WERE US, a nostalgic collection, reflecting on an era when playing was a integral component of education and socializing.

This series is powered by The Flo Foundation whose main goal is to teach teenagers through fun engaging activities. Leading the Ceremony will be the talented Actor, Writer, Director: Sayitsheni Mdaki

Poetry performances by

Mak Manaka

Quaz Roodt

Flo Mokale 


WHEN TOYS WERE US exhibition series is set to open in: 


Ezenkeni Live 

15th July 2017 



For more information:

084 435 9995

[email protected]

IG: StillSkill

FB: Still Skill Creatives

FB Pro: Thabo Flo Mokale

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