Poetry Video: Smoke by Belita André

Belita André | May 26th, 2020 | poetry, poetry-potion-tv, poetry-video | No Comments

Belita André is a Johannesburg based spoken word artist of Nigerian and Namibian descent. She is at the forefront of the Johannesburg poetry scene as both a performer and organizer. In 2019 she contributed to the groundbreaking poetry-colouring book ‘Colour Me Melanin‘. Belita has kindly granted us permission to share the video of her poem ‘Smoke’.

Watch Belita’s video performance of the poem ‘Smoke’ below.

  Belita André - Smoke

Sister how do you get your skin
Into such soft kindle
Sister is that smoke through the mirror of your pigment
so stressed out the absolute is irrelevant
It seems  you haven’t been scarred in a minute 
Mantras as dead as your ivory earrings 

Sister It is winter our body will have it’s wood
It’ll pass off as human 
breathe because we must
Ears as sharp as pyramids
Laughter squinting in the easy sun
Clumsy anatomy
the rib and the knife working as one
mmm, don’t you smell so grounded
my raging cotton mouth coffee bean goodness
Sister all your sharp edges are chiseled

 Your mask dripping 
the blood swelling into the outline of a spirit
A giggle of internal shadows
Singing  fill your head with water
Crack the skull like so
If you shake hard enough you can hear the swishing
The balloon in your chest aching
Eyes  lush waves of
 Something  tossing
Sister is that smoke through the mirror of your pigment
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