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old croc’s
lie in parli
warm couches,
mouth agape
and snore
as they take
a nap
during a
hot debate
on burning
that grill
the nation

they only
start idling
like war missiles
once detonated
by noisy
young blood
that teach
old-aged eagles
to fly like
war jets

once warm blooded,
words fly like
missiles that
never miss
their targets
exploding in
their ears
while eyes
pop out like
those of scared
night owls

razor-sharp words
are used to dissect
old aged fat toads
to extract sense
hidden in the
dark corners
of their heads

only dry day dreams
squirt out
of their wrinkled mouths
like pus from a rotten wound

they’re merely dead wood
awaited by starving worms
that teach every decomposing
dead wood a good lesson

rather get rid of
these dead woods
before they catch
fire in parliament
and set the whole
country on fire!

old wine skins
cannot hold new wine
because they’ll
burst out
and spill
our rare
maturing wine!

Poet Bio

Amos Tebeila is a published author (poetry and novel) residing in Middelburg, Mpumalanga province.

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