Poor Contempt Heart by Ononiwu Fortune

Ononiwu Fortune | February 13th, 2013 | current issue, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Even in the little things they do they find joy
Finding time to smile amidst all that toil
Watching them makes my spirit soar higher

Do you know that having all life’s riches
Does not mean you get all your wishes
They live without life’s riches
Surviving only on their farm harvest and a few pennies
Yet they have no worries
Watching them makes my spirit soar higher

And yes they live in their little villages
Faraway from the city noises and life’s treachery
Closer to natures beauty and its peace and tranquillity
Watching them makes my spirit soar higher

Yes, five naira keeps them happy
That’s because they have greater joy within
They do not have to worry about enmity
You know they say more money, more problems, more jealousy

Poet Bio

I am undergrad industrial chemistry student just seeking to make a difference in my generation through my upcoming writings and poems.

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