Powercut by Ameera Abubaker

Ameera Abubaker | June 3rd, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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With my sword of light, I pierce the darkness that frightens me so
A life-long struggle against a life-long foe
Unaware of how it came to be, how it swallowed my world whole
Terrorizing me through the night, with the assistance of its accomplice, the rigidifying, prickling cold
Ironing out not only the warmth and light but my courage and peace as an addition
Determined to maintain a sense of fear, sufficient to induce a cardiac condition
With my flashlight in hand, I meekly stand before it,
A glowing shield surrounds me as I pierce its endless pit
The fall of the mighty main plug has caused time to reverse
And I am transformed into a little girl once again, trying to fight off the monsters that live within my mind’s darkness
An imagination that was once a privilege, in a matter of moments, becomes a curse.

Poet Bio

An aspiring chartered accountant is in an inappropriate label, as writing has always been her forte. She is a 20-year-old aspiring writer and has been dabbling in writing since she was 13. She wants to stroke hearts with her words and use its inconceivable power to change the world. An average South African, the eldest of 8, striving to be more than just another cog in the system.

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