Pray to the moon by INWI

INWI | February 24th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

I page through you via the moon
Set my intentions alight
Make them whisper your name
Through all its phases I read you like the waves of the ocean
Sending sacred quota to the stars that riddle your spirit with illumination
I have consulted the night sky about you
It tells me you followed several moons to their death to find me
Found me spinning on my own axis
The being you met
I hadn’t introduced myself to
Skipping stones
Skipping through time
Sliding through space

Poet Bio

Funwaini Inwi Sibanda is a Zimbabwean born multidisciplinary artist and multidimensional conduit using poetry, visual arts to explore themes of African Identity and spirituality. Currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa Inwi has embarked on creative journey doing collaborative projects with musician to create a Poetry EP mused by Ether People doing the work of healing within the black community

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