Precepts of Middle-class Living by Brandon Janse Van Vuuren

Brandon Janse Van Vuuren | May 13th, 2024 | poetry | No Comments


We in the middle
Praying each night
Thanking the heavens
For our bread in sight

Too rich to be poor
Too poor to be rich
Running in our hamster wheels
Held together by a quick stitch

We steal glances at the Joneses
Dreaming of a happy life
Where our only worries are
What’s coming in the afterlife

But in the race that’s set before us
Do we stop to think
The wheel we’re stuck on
Stealing our memory’s ink

Poet Bio

Brandon Janse Van Vuuren is based in Cape Town, he is busy completing his Master’s in Creative Writing at UCT. He has been published in the Salmon Creek Journal, Poetry Potion and Stanzas Poetry Magazine.

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