Pretty Little Gigolo by Aleya Ramparsad Banwari

Aleya Ramparsad Banwari | February 24th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


Red stain keratin trailing along Hercules’ doppelganger
Fueled by protein shakes and low carb intake
Swooping up estrogen-filled bodies and contorting them
Delighting these sad, lonely bodies as promised by Hercules’ master
“Hush, don’t worry”, Hercules whispers

Curved flesh rendering him with amnesia
The crumpled notes which enslaved him, tossed on the floor alongside discarded underwear
His manhood controlled by the tip of a tongue and red lips
His dignity lying with a capsule which promised performance
His pride falling like dominoes
“Don’t go, you’re still young” the voice of the red lips calls, with smoke emerging from her lips

Poet Bio

Aleya Ramparsad Banwari is an undergraduate at UCT. She is an intersectional feminist, tea lover, and tries to rambles words down in the form of poetry when it comes to her.

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