Prey (Girl at the River) by Nimar

Nimar | April 3rd, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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un-destructed water
standing still, reeds sway
sough-less and stealth-ful
blades graze
the night watches;
those eyes lick at her spine

the girl at the river wants to go for a swim
her eyes are dead and her limbs light tonight
the girl at the river wants to be amphibian

the wind lurks,and the night watches
reaches with
slender and nimble fingers
scenting with
warm metal fresh with blood
tickling on her back;
those nails scrape
those teeth incise at her nape

but her eyes are already dead
and her limbs feel light tonight

the swaying of the reeds yield;
blades sharpened
the trees halt in their breathing;
air tightened
the wind lurking
the night smirking in a corner
and something unseen comes
and kisses on her cheek

into ripples;
a cold and wild laughing
eager to flow
torrents approach

the water resumes
laying there quite
but she knows it only plays still
she hears it in his undercurrent;
He gggrowls . He sneers. He purrrs

the water is hungry
He licks his lips and He drools;
lapping at her naked feet
prepared for the leap

won’t someone teach her how to swim?

naked feet
prepared for the leap
already plunged

girl in the river
Swim, Swim, Swim
girl in the, River;
Ripple, Ripple, Chew
(girl in the river are you free?)
Gurgle, Swallow, Burp
– sink, sink, sleep…

girl in the river

Poet Bio

Aspiring writer.

about the poem:

I wrote this poem with the forlorn image of a sleeping river at night, and with the for the word ‘desolation’ in mind. It is ambiguous, the end of the poem can either be interpreted as positive or not so attractive. I wanted to convey a story of hopelessness and malice, and of predator and prey in a different way. Because at it’s basic the poem is about depression and the scary sickness it is.


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