Priests and Councillors by Thabang Ngoma

Poetry Potion | October 7th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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The Church has a far greater obligation
Than the Priest running a profitable congregation
And the Councillor seeking re-election
To uplift the communities and build a strong nation

The Churches are far more powerful and numerous
Than the corruptors who twice a decade ridicule us
Procrastinating in the potholes of the road to progress
God shouldn’t also be a candidate on a ballot at the polls

We praise God through and, in the name of a Pastor
Choose a government to ‘Party’ instead of fulfilling a manifesto
The Bible hasn’t changed for 2000 years, but still we moralise
And He hasn’t failed us yet, are we losing patience?

Poet Bio

I’m an aspiring writer and enjoy reading and the challenge of composing and writing poetry. I am a sketch artist & long distance runner.


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