Primordial Spirit Returning From Exile by Angela Nimah

Angela Nimah | October 7th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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I remember being 7 or 8 years old and stepping into a traditional healer’s hut for the first time
With sincere curiosity, I looked around at the bottles of herbal medicine and at the breathing of the room
I inhaled the pungent scent of impepho
Sat in obedience at what stood before my existence
Unafraid and influenced, I was transformed
Today the pages of my life were read to me through bones and scriptures
That very scent had followed me throughout the days of my life and now I was here face to face with fate, the unknowing and mysterious goddess of happenings
Jeremiah 16 verse 14
Today I was returning from exile
Revelations came in the form of healers ordained in sacred cloths and beaded work
Burping ancient truths
Burping ancient prayers
Swallowing gut-wrenching prophecies
Heads heavy from channelling spirits
Seeing deaths way before its time
Healing hearts and saving lives
From below the chambers of the deceased
Bending and mending time
My people are crying
They’ve been suppressed beyond memory by those who have denied their purpose here on earth
By those who refuse their calling
These ancestral voices I keep hearing are of them
They yell out my name in my sleep and in my wake
They are calling me to set them free
They are asking me to continue their traditions and legacy
They’re waiting with open arms
They’re calling
They’re chanting and rooting for me
O mang? Who are you?
To self-actualise goes beyond our likes and dislikes
Our tastes, our goals, ambitions and worldly desires
Ask yourself
Who are the entities living inside of you?
When you speak of bloodline, are you aware of the magnitude that is of you?
O mang? Who are you?
Who are the entities living inside of you?

Poet Bio

Angela Nimah, is a South African creative entrepreneur, musician, writer, illustrator, crochet designer and founder of crochet & knitwear clothing brand R V L™.

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