Prisoner by Sharon Maria Moemise

Maria Moemise | August 12th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

I long for the freedom of the landscape
Where I can allow myself to escape
When the walls are closing in on me
And Hell seems the right place to be.

I reach out to touch the untouchable
I dream of reaching the impossible
I count the sand grains through the hour-glass
Knowing my fate will soon come to pass.

Helpless, hands tied behind my back
No amount of fighting will allow the chains to slack
I beg for reprieve, for a just one chance of freedom
For on last attempt to seek God’s wisdom

I open the gates of the past to catch up
Allowing old pain, hurt and regrets to fill my cup
Holding on to memories of days gone by
While I beseech my soul in vain, to not cry

My mind is strong though my willpower weak
I lived a sunny dream with a future so bleak
I’m trapped in a cell with bars of a strange kind
I’m locked up for life, a prisoner of my own mind.

Poet Bio

Maria Sharon Moemise is a writer of abstract and real life-based poetry and short stories. She started writing while in high school and has been writing since.

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