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Poetry Potion | July 23rd, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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My name is procrastination
Probably born after creation
I find habitation in the mind of those with the habit of hesitation.
I visit everyone in the world for permanent accommodation.
Some call me the thief of time for generations
I name myself chief of destruction.
I perform as laziness with direction
I also act as a tired feeling without identification.
My pets are procrastinators who abide in my suggestion
My hobbies are stopping transformation and dedication.
My enemy is action
For with action comes acceleration
My best friend is temptation
Therefore being faithful as I am, Temptation helps me procrastinate a worthy action
My profession is providing lame suggestions for procrastination.
I am not a program but I produce programs to stop progression
I have qualifications in intoxication.
I intoxicate people to procrastinate in every possible situation,
My qualification comes without education but with information
That’s why I propose students into procrastinating getting information,
For with education comes wisdom than action to activation.
Oh no! That is not an acceptable but a start of construction for destruction.
I love dreamers who are daydreamers without dedication
I hate dreamers who are doers with aspiration
I feed on toleration
My favorite dessert is consistent acceptation
I am the seed of destruction
I profit form missed opportunities with promotion
My salary is missed seconds with exploration
My bonus wages are wasted opportunities in the mind and cemeteries without pro-action.
My eternal jokes are procrastinators who regret after realization.
My everlasting memories are procrastinators’ tears with no restoration.
I am greater than traffic jam because I stop manifestation.
My inspirations are incurable diseases that cause degeneration,
They inspire me to cause potential deterioration
My aim is you
My dream is to stop your elevation.
My message to the world is procrastination is my occupation
Keep on procrastinating for my beneficiation.
I can only be beaten by a fighter who will fight for their destination
As for me, I will not watch you achieve with dedication.
I will ask temptation to tempt strong characterization
But for those who aren’t showing rejection to Procrastination
Keep on digging your own grave- that’s my favorite movie production.
My appreciation.

Poet Bio

I am Desiree Mthanti. I work as a Recruitment Officer in a Disability Academy called I Can. I am 22 years old. I believe poetry is a word that is spoken from the heart through the hand. I believe writing is a way to express what is inside someone, besides it being a talent.


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