Promise by Paul Zietsman

Paul Zietsman | June 10th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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An anvil that chimes when
punished, my heart has

Though hammered without
pause, it now sings a melody
of love

Love for the pain that split
opened the hardened shell
which enclosed a heart,
fortified by fear

An enlivened blood, red
and breathing, now
courses through the
highway of my veins,

it carries a devotion to life…
and love

This fresh chance afforded
by truth
beckons a future filled with

From the ashes of lies,
in the fire of karma, springs to

life a vision
of peace and worth, a

Phoenix which rises above
all affliction, to soar
in skies saturated
with possibility

blooming like the flower
of life itself,

as it bleeds with

Poet Bio

Paul is an artist at heart, using the mediums of photography and poetry to express himself. The eternal search for truth is reflected in his work.

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