Protecting Me by Twanda Rolle

Twanda Rolle | September 9th, 2018 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments


by now the sadness has become a part of me
the blue notes from my off-key piano
has grown melodious and pleasant
even the tears are not salty anymore but sweet
like the taste of nectar I have craved the drippings
as it streams down my face licking up all the
sweet and wallowing in my sad joy.
i enjoy the pain the heartache of life
it has become my body
on guard against the next disappointment
anything even a stab in the chest.
my feelings for dull tones and melancholy music grows
sugared with pity I swallow up every beat waiting for the next
bruised feeling, bitten flesh, or just bad day.
i wait for nights and darkness to come
so my sadness will be protected from the day
now i can wrap up in my bed with Sadness
covered under sheets i will protect her
we cuddle in the dark remembering the abuse
and most of all the sadness.

Poet Bio

Twanda Rolle is a teacher, poet and painter who has won awards for her poetry In her country.

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