Q&A: Ashraf Booley

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Ashraf Booley first sent poems to Poetry Potion in 2012. This poem here below, A Story of the Mind, was featured in our fifth anniversary edition.

At the moment of awakening
another story ends.
Like a book with missing pages,
no ending.

A state
that awakens the silence
of the unconscious.
Where the dream-maker
calls upon
flying elephants and leaping giants.
I played hide-and-seek
with Ahmed and Dave and Joy,
I do not know them.

I found myself
in a place in my head
where I am not myself.
I awake
to a story
I half-forgot,

Since then, he has become one of our favourite poets. He’s an English graduate from University of Western Cape and a business analyst whose love for literature and poetry in particular makes his work exciting. We quizzed him about poetry and the future.

Poetry Potion: How did you get interested in writing poetry?
Ashraf Booley: I started writing poetry at sixteen – a sullen teenager in search of his identity and purpose in life, questioning institutional beliefs that were imposed upon me, the status quo, and the many other perpetual societal ills. Naturally, I started journaling my feelings and the world through my eyes as a form of catharsis. It just happened to be poetic…

PP: How much of your work reflects your life?
AB: Pretty much the bulk of it. The way I see it, all elements of the earth are




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