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Poetry Potion | July 3rd, 2013 | Q&A | No Comments

MapuleMapule burst into the Poetry Potion view at the first 2013 Word N Sound event this year. This powerful energetic, young poet is a passioned performer. She is the first 2013 Queen of the Mic in the Word N Sound Open Mic League. Poetry Potion just had to find about what she’s all about.

Poetry Potion: When did you start writing poetry and why?

Mapule Mohulatsi: By age 14 I started writing, I started transforming my words into poetry at the age of 16. Because I’m opinionated and since we can’t say most things we feel in society, why not write them down?

PP: When did you start sharing your poetry and how did you know you were ready to share?

MM: I studied drama at high school, at some point we had to perform poetry pieces, I simply got tired of reciting other peoples poems and decided that I wanted to share my poetry. I knew I was ready to share when I got over the notion of “what are people going to think”.

read the rest in Poetry Potion 2013.01 On Being Human

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