Rain by Mihlali Songcaka

Quaz | December 9th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Listening to the rain hit the roof
Standing by the window
Tea in my hand
I should be sleeping
But my mind is running
Asking me
Should I keep on staying?
Am I really staying cause I feel bad?
Do you love her?
Is it emotions?
Which is it?
Because looking at the rain fall and hit the roof
Won’t wash you out the person’s life
It won’t wash away what needs to be washed away
Won’t answer the questions you keep asking yourself
Does she still want in?
my peace is broken and being washed away by the rain
Out of the person’s life seems like
The answer
Listening to the rain hit the roof
Looking at the rain fall
Sipping my tea
Thunder shouting at me

why am I ruining my peace?

Poet Bio

Mihalli songcaka is a published writer from Bloemfontein and a poet also. He’s a former rugby player and played for Old Greys Rugby club that’s based in Bloemfontein

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