Rainy Night by Taydos the Poet

Taydos the Poet | November 22nd, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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You quench your thirst with quatrains
In the night preferably, when it rains
The pain slowly fades
Like a tear drop scurrying down your face,
A rain droplet scurrying down to the window pane,
forming a vein of tales.
Would you prefer a nightingale to cuddle you up with a serenading praise during a night in a jail of your prisoned thoughts?
Warping time and space,
night seeking for sunstreaking rays for the dawn of day
You lay startled and dazed.
Your soul begins to vigorously phase through the physical form, your cage.
The physical pain slowly feints
The spiritual weight causes your soul to faint
Afraid, you impatiently wait for day to wake
Before the hail of rain of pain blows you away.
Aiding you aimlessly astray to a deadly fate…
You die in vain.

When day finally approaches your way
With its beaming rays and gaily pace.
You dawn a mask on your face
Erase the stains of pain
As you gaze in a broken mirror,
Gaze at the reflection of a repentant sinner.
I never knew your heart ached so much on the inner.
Carried a burden of lies all throughout the day till dinner.
Skipped dinner, I noticed that you are getting thinner and even lied, told me it was a fever.
You tried taking your life and failed, guess it was beginners…luck.
I pray your pessimism withers,
So you may live on to witness the next winter.

Poet Bio

Thato is a 17-year-old passionate poet who aspires to attract his peers into the realm of literature. He began writing poetry after being motivated by the witty lines of Jaden Smith in his music. Furthermore, his love for poetry got reinvigorated by Suli Breaks (UK poet).
Poetry is his therapy.

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