Ramshackle Bus by Ndaba Sibanda

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Troubled, the engine croaks. The smoke emitted is
rotten to the core. Will changing the driver give the
passive but chocked passengers some joy or reprieve?

Up in smoke is credibility. Up in flames is sanity.
What has safely fled is safety. The clattering
it makes is a symptom of an imminent precipice .

Like a hopeless drunk it totters. It croaks and
staggers, disregarding red traffic lights. Trust
has all but disappeared. There is uproar.

The engine is coughing terribly. As if that were
not enough distress, the Mouse seems to be carefree.
One passenger is not flattered. She tells the Mouse to halt.

Some say the Mouse is drunk. Many even claim he is dog-
tired, partially deaf and blind. However, what is as bare
as a tractor driver is that the shaky bus has veered off the road!

Poet Bio

Ndaba has contributed to such international anthologies as Poems For Haiti, A South African anthology, Snippets, Voices Of Peace and Black Communion, and Ripples of Love. He is the author of Love O`clock and The Dead Must Be Sobbing.


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