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Poeticus | June 18th, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

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Life is a drama,
a play,
and we all are but some characters,
casts, acting the script to the denouement, our ‘dooms-day’.
Sometime I wonder,
what it is we have to offer,
but to be feed for the moths and maggots, catalyst to the rate of our decay.
But for how long
Shall nothingness remain the theme of our tale?
How long
Shall emptiness fill the pages of our story?
When shall we on the spaceship of our own destiny set sail?
When shall we hoist our flag o the summit of glory?
O I weep, for we cannot achieve these feats,
We can’t demystify these myths,
Excerpt, if we with sagacious ingenuity
And erudicious wits
Re-censor our woeful amoral story,
And meticulously re-write
the annals of our own history.

So I say:
Re-censor the head,
Change the avaricious thoughts.
Re-censor the mind,
Sell no more ourselves for short.
Re-censor the heart,
Give every feeling a value, a true worth.
Re-censor the view,
We paint no more the pictures of phobia and myopia.

Poet Bio

Poeticus is from Nigeria and he says “i just love writing.”

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