READ: Excerpts from Luleka Mhlanzi’s collection Confiscated Identity

Luleka Mhlanzi | July 27th, 2022 | writing craft | No Comments

Confiscated Identity is a collection of poetry by Luleka Mhlanzi.

These are unuttered thoughts-ones that entail one’s truest emotions. These poems interrogate the many life experiences of a young, black woman living in South Africa. It explores gender roles, and their impact, both positively and negatively, on relationships. It also looks into the mental and emotional effects of action and consequence.”

The collection is divided into three chapters:
The Yang is where you fall in love with the mystery of love, parenting, feeling your feet at home when you walk and stand, about the beauty of life and all its colour.

My Eyes Are Starting To See Me is a chapter that directs all eyes back to yourself. This is you gazing into who exactly you are as a human being- how one projects their emotions in stories, how one reacts to situations and finds themselves in the oneness of the universe

The Yin is all about politics, love and relationships, gender roles, and race. This section looks at how these affect one’s social intelligence.


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