Reality within reality by Rantoloko The Truth Molokoane

Rantoloko The Truth Molokoane | August 2nd, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Light shadows.
Light, unattached shadows dance
to the music
that effortlessly strolls
out of the cursed mouth of the night
As it inhales silence
and exhales music

These shadows,
descendants of masters that have compiled
the scroll of freedom studied
by eternity to maintain her infant purity
Descendants dancing
upon the cloud-like petals of flowers
that grow upon any path
embraced by the wandering soul of Morpheus

The path that leads to the reality within reality
Home of dust particles
humble servants of the wind god
Servants that had fallen asleep
after imbibing the streams
of comfort that oozed
from the fruits of passion
that grew untimely from spirit trees
The very trees that catch dreams
of gods that reign in the infinite space
where creation plays

With toys
once upon a time gods that ruled men
Weaved by mortal minds poisoned
by the golden drops of greed
and nourished by the freshly cooked feast of fear
Now mere undernourished illusions
that slipped through the cracks
Un-bandaged wounds of a suffering reality
To land on
empty pages studied by wizards
from the kingdom of speaking lands
where stars fall out of the sky
to holds hands and sing mantras
that give life to the luminous dreams
delivered by Morpheus

Enflamed luminous dreams
that shatter the grotesques, dark forms
pregnant with darkness that impedes
with the workings of the third eye.
The key that opens the infinite doors
locked by the hands that mould
the lucid reality where death
wears a child-like smile
that lures radiance out of the aura of human beings
A lucid reality
hungry for the unfathomable colours of love

The wild, warm breath
of the living reality within
The breath that seeped
through the cracks and stung
the tongue of
he that has been kept alive by art.
The heart
he that has been kept alive by art.

Now he can be found ridding
golden chariots of silence
pulled by the winds
to attend seminars about the power of solitude
Seminars held by the moon

And at times he can be found
on liquid stages
breathing out colours
into the wandering eyes of the arty
So they can finally explore
the reality within reality!!

Poet Bio

Rantoloko Molokoane, The Truth, as he is in known by those that have heard his highly well-crafted poetry that speaks of forgotten gods and his authentic recitals that echo the secrets hidden in African’s imagination.  He is a writer born in the unknown small township called Tumahole where poetry leapt into his spirit in 2001 and has been leaving poetry societies from NWU, TUT, Wits and VUT in awe since 2004 with his live performance.

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