Reflection by Yoric Watterott

Yoric Watterott | February 25th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

Buildings tower with anticipation
Abandoned cars stood in the street like meercats observing a man alone
Frigid in his balance
Trying to comprehend the sudden desertion of chaos
The continual emptyness down the endless streets mirrored his soul
Confusion echoed in the eerie silence

A temporary calm amidst the still shattered
As he spun to focus on a silhouette worming around a corner
Instinct coursed through his knees and gave chase
A chase that seemed to take a lifetime in this timeless bind

Eventually the pursuit for answers led to a narrow cul-de-sac
The entrapped fugative turned
And the man smiled as he looked into the reflection of the shadow’s eyes

In a world that seemed so lonely
He had finally found himself…

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