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Hekima | October 2nd, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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One, two, three, four
I felt in my spirit an uproar
As I stood there watching the downpour
Best of both worlds
The tears
The rains
I sobbed
Nature sobbed
Questions snubbed
Reality kicking
Heart beating
I could not fathom the realization
That even though the Deluge
Wasn’t just a downpour of our normal season
It was a justification of the reason
That I could not turn back the hands of time
All I did was sob and swallow mucus like a mime
Enveloped in unknown fears
The Rhythm in the droplets of my tears
Was an in-depth cleansing
Of my soul that needed healing
I lost a friend, a lover, a mother
Death be not proud

Poet Bio

Wisdom Ncube is a Zimbabwean Writer, Poet, Pastor, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker. He has been writing since the age of seven. Although he has no published work yet he is currently penning an anthology which will announce him very soon.

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