relevance quotables: Humus

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As one’s poetry is mostly inspired by socio-political issues, which are mostly viewed through an anthropological optic and which best describes how life should be commonly viewed.
Poetry is one revolutionary tool which breaks boundaries for one. Poetry is a means of expression which is relevant and which is still going to be relevant cross culturally in different epochs. Poetry resembles that inner being which is most probably afraid of making a mark in the world in any sense possible.
One might assume that poetry has somewhat took a shift in the recent years from what it is (assumed) it is used to be and what it is in the current cultural epoch. However, in whatever optic in which poetry is viewed, poetry will forever remain relevant in every means possible.
For such reasons, poetry for one will thus become possible in every way.


Humus is a south african poet, black radical. and yeah anthropologist/linguist

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