relevance quotables: Phumla Siyobi

Poetry Potion | May 9th, 2011 | inspiration | No Comments

What makes your work relevant?

What makes my poetry relevant is the platforms we have to express our truth and our experiences. Not forgetting the times I’m existing in, they make it even more worthwhile to appreciate what God gave, to share that expressive talent/personality, in a form of music.

While the content of the art itself paints a clear beautiful picture accompanied by music that gives hope and speaks to the now generation and future generations…Creating timeless Poetry for many to share when the artist herself has passed on.

Keeping the fire burning and leaving a legacy of potent life messages and tunes for the ones still to come visit this world.


I’m a singer, song-writer and a full time member of L8 Antique, A fresh young band from Johannesburg. L8 antique is a five piece band and we have created our genre of music called Tribal specially for our specific type of sound. The music has a strong African foundation, background, back bone…and we top it of with some of our favoured already existing genres like Jazz, Soul, Afro beat, Hip Hop and Dub just to name a few.

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