Remember the Roses by Meg

Meg | Oct 4th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Your words haven’t let me sleep-
Pierced more than I had measured
Un-physical words-
Words within digits and pixels,
They don’t have a voice.
There is madness around me,
I’m watching rough cinemas,
Inside my comforter,
On a sultry, summer night-
With a thick breeze around
That’s ghosting with my smoke.

You’re like an ailment,
Sheltered inside my loins-
That burns weirdly hot,
Enough to summon me through its thuds-
For me to call for help,
A help from you,
To away all the scars you’ve given me.
You’re the ammunition, you’re the cure.

We got another night
To argue, and make love,
Fiercely, freely, without a sheet on us,
In the open, in the naked,
The forest, clapping for us-
When my bare skin touches yours,
After a fight-
With our nerves communicating,
And our thrusts, complementing.
The moon is in favour,
Has stricken a flash on
My favourite part on your skin-
I fit in you, you fleet in me.
You’re awake in me,
While my lungs aren’t heaving in you-
This night will be all,
That you want-
Me, my long, matte hair,
My chest against yours, in breaks
My senses absorbing your sentiments

But to die is to invoke-
My filaments, you govern.
Death would be humorous,
To come without you-
There’s no death,
If you’re not awake in me-
If you’re not awake,
In me-

Poet Bio

Megha is currently a student of English Literature, pursuing her Master’s from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, India. She has always had a knack for writing and is also a part-time content writer and proofreader. She has been writing poems since her childhood and her major turning point in life have been Keats’ trance romantic poems. Megha also takes a keen interest in learning new languages and she’s declarant about her fluency in 7 different languages as of now! She also extends her reach to learning about multilingual poetry, her current area of interest being Spanish Imagist poetry.

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