Remember Who You Are by Maestro

Maestro | Nov 2nd, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


The plan was to fool people into believing that you are someone you’re not

But you fooled yourself in the process.

You went too deep undercover and eventually owned the identity of the person you were feigning to be; a fool, at your true self’s expense.

Now, even you can’t tell the difference.

It comes to you sometimes, in moments of silence or in times when your heart is broken;

Your inner man screams from the inside, echoing vibrations through your loins,

causing your skin to shiver, giving you goosebumps within your blood cells, raising internal climates like an implosion as though eternity is calling.

There’s an inherent weakness in your design; your true identity lies forever at risk along with your truest potential… 99% chances of losing yourself, your life, for life.

But the universe is forever at your aid…

Giving you signs and directions all around.. of where to go and who to become.

May the eyes of your heart be opened and the senses of your soul be aroused by the beauty that you possess so you may adhere to all the omens that summon you to the greater glory, which is you.

You were meant to be more than your alter ego.

You are meant to be you; no one else can do that better than you can.

Remember who you are.


The plan is to become the best you can be and stay true to yourself, the same unto the world at large.

Remember the light. Remember the truth.

They shall set you free; for they are you.

You know what they say when in the event of your demise…

“Don’t – Go Into The Light”


Poet Bio

Thato is a 29 years old African male who was born and raised in the South of Johannesburg, South Africa. He is very passionate about the arts – acting, music, dance and above all else, poetry. If there was an official division of humans into factions, he would be among the meek. Thato, like Mother Teresa, feels that he is personally most unworthy; and he is me and I am him. I am me. Like Frida Kahlo, I am simply I Am.

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