Remembrance During Our Decembers by Mitja Lovše

Mitja Lovše | December 2nd, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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The final month of the year is here?
One can’t try to feign a shock,
’cause one should know well
that time moves fast as time does.

I keep thinking of those not around,
how would they have been now,
how would they have responded
to the world they left behind to us.

We shall all reach their place too,
missing the end of the years,
where no hope seems stupid
and all wishes are allowed to roam.

One wants for the things to be better then,
one mostly stays on the want side of this…

Poet Bio

Mitja Lovše is a writer, a performer and a director from Slovenia. He works within the fields of theatre, film, television and literature. He’s still alive.

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