Reminder of Love by Coconut Water

Coconut Water | January 13th, 2024 | poetry | No Comments

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Love is what our essence can truly see…

Do think of the silence of the middle of July,
When the darkness of 5 am tells birds not to fly,
When the sky is blue from waving the night goodbye,
Before the stars become shadows and the sun begins to pry,
It feels peaceful but you don’t know why,

That’s what true love feels like to me…

When you exist comfortably in the quiet,
So much room for conversation but it’s never time yet,
Our presence speak of a power our voices won’t articulate,
Our soul pronounce clarity for our bodies to enunciate,
For we are the same entity carrying the same fate.

It’s the love to set your soul free…

In the last dimension I carried thy will,
The virtuous ecclesiastic to my cathedral,
Together we collect pious like prayers caught in a windmill,
The circulate in our ether is an intergalactic ritual,
Where we conjured up the courage to dance still,

Love can mean the will to be…

*Can read it bottom to top as well

Poet Bio

Flow Masengesho writes to feed her soul, she is silent in the shadows but dreams of performing her work to a mass audience.

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