Resonate applaud but hold soon dear by Darshana Nagar

Darshana Nagar | February 25th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

Resonate applaud but hold soon dear,
Life, love and hatred filled a tear.
Soon but threw hard against realities claw,
Silently wounded but lay upon the floor.

Could not whimper nor even breathe,
From this pain and hate soon to feed.
Too many that broke but a heart,
Shattered against stone with each cut.

Nothing in life could therefore prevail,
Sick and tired as they unmask the veil.
Hidden behind their eyes was deception,
Lies and false hope that dragged an attraction.

Hope but met with a sharp adverse effect,
Watching silently as it all was wracked.
Soon the pain engulfed so deep,
That at night one cried just to sleep.

But in the depths of the dark night,
Clutching for the knife as vision turned white.
Confessions of a cutter always remain real,
For none would guess what these cuts reveal.

The pain and torture from allowing each to delve,
Deep into a world that that struck but twelve,
Soon but caught within the vines of a sinner’s keep,
You all but hope but Death will soon meet.

For neither are you’ll true but push and use,
Mesmerized by magical ways but only to abuse.
For you dragged her heart along,
Stabbed it a million times with the same song.

Did you ever once think that a human she is,
Though she may surrender to pain but will never fall on her knees.
For every insult once hurled straight upon a face,
That kindness and innocence you cannot replace.

For you burned her deep and broke her soul,
And even though she’s silent – she is broken whole.
Creeping through the night to fight the pain with a knife,
But it’s with each cut that cannot hold true to life.

Hardly had she asked but for much,
Yet selfish in your own needs you could not even touch,
But broken in silver and gold it was far from a sweet day,
For every suffering delivered you all shall but pay.

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