Respected II by Kabelo Mashishi

Kabelo Mashishi | September 8th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments


Today I’m irrelevant
One day I will be relevant
My crying voice shall be heard
It will run faster than a cheetah
It will one day move grounds
As earthquakes shake them
Why you not respect me?

I will marry 5
and father 2 out of wedlock
Maybe I will become president
Then you shall respect me
I will carry a gun
A dessert eagle
And live life like an eagle
And I’ll hate life and do evil
I will live with all the evils out there
My bag will only carry coke
Coke that will not quench thirst
Coke that will destroy lives
Then you shall respect me
Tell me why you not respect me now?

When I’m still the same
Maybe that’s why
I’m too me and that’s boring
Is it because I’m not running like everybody else
Is it because I’m standing my ground?
Am I not so ‘Hip’ as they say
Am I “not so” happening as well?
Seems I’m being left behind like Kerneels in his mules
I need to stop caring
And then you shall take me serious
Seriously though.. why you not respect me today?

Tell me why
You don’t have to say it out loud
You can whisper in my ear
You can
You will be forgiven
You can be

Maybe tomorrow you will
Give me that respect
I will have the ‘swag’
I will have the ‘stash’
I will act like they do in theater
I will act like Papa Action
I’ll get rid of the Man in the mirror
Better yet, break the mirror into glasses
And will have no mirror to look at
And you shall respect me right?
Will you?
But tell me why not today though?

You don’t have to bow you head
Or sing my praises
When will you respect me?
When I press the exit button out of your life
When I’m long gone
You shall remember me
You will “miss me like crazy”
You shall think of me and nod your bloody head
You will not be the first, nor the last
But tell me though, why you not respect me?

Poet Bio

I’m from North West, Maboloka and began writing poetry in the late 2000. I’m also a story writer and also a poetry fan

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