Respiration by Lerato Matshwane

Lerato Matshwane | September 6th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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Pause. I gulp.
The taste of my last meal lingers on my tongue.
A reminder that I have always been, before knowing you.

I don’t want to ruin the sanctity of this stolen moment.

“Look aside. Don’t gaze too long”: I remind myself, exhale.
One two…inhale
One two…exhale.

Here I am reminding myself how to breathe around you.
We sit, still, encircled by circulations of knowing.
The segments of silence balanced by conversations that go off a tangent,but always return to the centre of our 1+1.

You ask me a question.
I am suddenly reminded…

Love isn’t in the air. It is in me.
I am suffocating from Love.
I suppose that’s why my heart perches itself between my lungs.
You remain the inspiration, always, even at time’s expiration.

Poet Bio

Lerato is a budding writer who is learning to find her voice. She is an aspiring polymath with further interests in auditing/accounting and modelling.

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