Rest in peace by Africanchild

Africanchild | May 1st, 2012 | poetry | No Comments


Life is a multipurpose body
One heartbeat one strong huge muscle
One body to carry sins same one
To ferry our running dreams
One tunnel for many goals
One bridge for many souls
Like my life
Is not real without your life
One brain cell one gigantic memory
Of your face
You were a black berry
Life was in your eyes
Your skin looked sweet
And your color was strong
Your curves were safe to speed up at night
Always you kept secrets tight in your sacred heart
Life is not just trees, rivers and the blue sky
Is what you were in every word
Without you I don’t see life
But only pestilent seas of challenges
Trying to swallow us without your safe shell
I always think of you
Rest in peace

Poet Bio

Dumisani, is a writer, a poet and an artist. He writes in Zulu, Ndebele and English.
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