Rituals by Aneek Chatterjee

Aneek Chatterjee | Oct 14th, 2020 | poetry | 1 Comment


My heart beats fast
half a kilometer before the train station
Every day at the junction, a terrible traffic jam
mocks the morning sun
& the lady with scarlet red lips
throws me a kiss from the lamppost
I want to hang myself in.

My day started at 8 a.m.
for the 9.08 EMU
Throughout the road, I’d devoured
TMT pipes, witty butters, solid vests,
dream apartments & lucrative bras
& met the scarlet- lip woman.

It’s already 8.50, and the last eighteen minutes
make me a great chartered accountant,
I see at the junction with a blue shirt
& thin moustache.
If I get the EMU, my birth has some meaning;
If not, I’ll go back to the lamppost,
kiss the woman
& hang myself …

To be born again at 8 a.m.

Poet Bio

Aneek Chatterjee is a poet and academic from Kolkata, India. He has been published in reputed literary magazines and poetry anthologies across the globe. His recent credits are: Chiron Review, Shot Glass Journal, Poetry Potion, The Stray Branch, Poesis, Dissident Voice, Imspired Magazine, Café Dissensus, Ann Arbor Review, Chicago Record, Setu, Ethos Literary Journal, New Asian Writing, Montreal Writes, Scarlet Leaf Review, Pangolin Review, Mark Literary Review, Taj Mahal Review etc. He authored 13 books including two poetry collections named “Seaside Myopia” & “Unborn Poems and Yellow Prison” ( Chatterjee has a ph.d. in International Relations; and has been teaching in leading Indian universities. He was a Fulbright Visiting Fellow at the University of Virginia (USA), and a recipient of the prestigious ICCR Chair to teach in reputed foreign universities. His poetry has been archived at Yale University.

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