Rock’n’love by Norbert Góra

Norbert Góra | April 15th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


If I could sing, wrapped in a scarf of melody,
I would create a serenade describing you,
words woven with love would crumble
your heart, inner calm.

I am so close to you, but I cannot express
the flowing stream of emotions, I would like to shout verses full of sweetness, so loud that distant stars would drop from the dust.

Clean as a tear, bathed in the glow of weeping trees, the flame of love warms me inside,
the thread hot as embers connects us,
invisible for the eyes, perceptible to the senses.

Identical to the world, which has a blind eye,
but the wind of variability purifies the illusions,
do we have no right to love
and dream about the closeness?

Two steps from you, but it sounds
like a different galaxy,
I miss the burning infatuation,
left behind the stone gate of our relationship.

Poet Bio

26-years old poet and writer from Poland. Many of his horror, SF and romance short stories have been published in his home country. He is also author of many poems in English-language poetry anthologies around the world.

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