Rowdy Guests by Wisdom Ncube

Wisdom Ncube | April 10th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

A party in full swing, the music loud and bright,
Guests laughing and dancing, well into the night.
But among the crowd, a group stands apart,
Rowdy and wild, they’re ready to start.

They shout and they cheer, they jump and they spin,
Knocking over drinks, causing quite a din.
The host tries to calm them, but to no avail,
Their rowdiness only continues to prevail.

The other guests watch with a mix of delight and fear,
As the rowdy group continues to cheer.
They’re having fun, that much is clear,
But their antics are causing chaos, that’s also clear.

As the night wears on, their energy starts to wane,
And the party begins to calm once again.
The rowdy guests stumble out into the night,
Leaving behind memories of their wild delight.

The host sighs with relief as they survey the mess,
Grateful that nothing was broken, despite the stress.
Rowdy guests may bring excitement and fun,
But they also bring chaos when all is said and done.

Poet Bio

Wisdom Ncube is an award-winning poet from Zimbabwe. He received his primary education at Milton Junior School and later attended St. Columbus High School for his secondary education. Ncube has a passion for writing and has been published in various online media platforms, including, the Queensdale Newspaper, and NewsDay. His first poetry anthology, a collection of poems, won the 2022 AfriCAN Authors Award, and he is excited to share his second published work, a collection of love poems, with readers. Ncube’s poetry is a reflection of his personal experiences and emotions, inspired by the people, places, and events that have shaped his life. His work is characterized by a deep sensitivity to the human condition and a lyrical, evocative style. In his free time, Ncube enjoys exploring nature and spending time with his family and friends.

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