Runner’s High by Thabang Ngoma

Thabang Ngoma | July 16th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


One epic Saturday morning
The heavens and winds subduing
To permit my soul to freeing
The escaping on the road enjoying
When I heave and legs pounding
Heart throbbing and hands waving
To every car and person passing
Over every pothole and stone leaping
Can’t stop for anything or nothing
When this rhythm gets me going

Faster and further I’m moving
Miles and miles of distance covering
Over valleys and hills travelling
Bridges and train tracks crossing
Cool breezes in my face blowing
My body sweating starts tingling
From head to toe so exhilarating
My heart smiling my soul calming
My thoughts clearing my mind opening
Legs stretching home striding

Sirens ringing lights flashing
Police racing past cashing
Cars hooting onto the paving
Safer here that where taxis are driving
Some braking wheels squeaking
Kids laughing out with mom shopping
Fingers pointing curiously staring
Homeless person at the robot bagging
My mind preparing next street turning
Up the hill climbing arms pumping

The sun shining my back burning
Tank empty, but somehow enduring
Still wondering … can’t stop thinking
About this love that I’m feeling
From this natural high I’m getting
Another dose of good medicine
A spiritual rejuvenation
Thank you Lord I’m praying
For this wonderful gift so blessing
Another beautiful run ending

Poet Bio

An aspiring writer, who enjoys reading and writing poetry.


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